legitimate authority

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legitimate authority


political legitimacy

any form of political rule in which the rulers successfully uphold a claim that they govern by right in accord with law, tradition or similar basis.

WEBER identified three ‘pure types’ of legitimate authority:

  1. legal-rational authority, resting on a belief in the legality of enacted rules and those achieving authority under these rules, e.g. elected representatives or civil servants;
  2. traditional authority, resting on an established belief in the sanctity of tradition and the acceptance of those chosen to rule in accordance with the customs and practices within this tradition, e.g. kings, queens or religious dignitaries;
  3. charismatic authority, resting on the devotion to an exceptional individual or leader and on the normative rules ordained by this individual, e.g. a prophet or warlord.

The last of these provides the dynamic or revolutionary element in Weber's overall account of political legitimacy. In the long run, how ever, e.g. after the death or departure of the exceptional teacher or leader, there occurs a routinization of charisma, and a reversion to traditional, or legal-rational, forms of authority. See also BUREAUCRACY, STATE, POWER, NATION STATE, SOVEREIGNTY, HOLMES, LEGITIMATION CRISIS.

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But the attack on a landmark hotel in Kabul while there are attempts by the US to ramp up military action in Afghanistan and the Afghan government is attempting to prove it has continuing political legitimacy suggests that militant networks in the country continue to dominate the security landscape.
Another Jerusalem': Political Legitimacy and Courtly Government in the Kingdom of New Spain (1535-1568)
For both Syria and Iraq, the near-term prospects for neutralizing extremism through systemic political legitimacy range from nonexistent in the former, to difficult in the latter.
Exposing Hezbollah, the notice added, aims at "denying [it] political legitimacy," so that "over time," it will "lose the support of the Lebanese people.
The political legitimacy SDSM received on the local elections gave them absolute power to start the negotiations about the name dispute.
Thomas Bossert, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, called for a global response to combat the group in an op-ed in the newspaper Le Monde, noting that Hizballah has tried to disguise its activities as a terrorist organization under the guise of political legitimacy.
In explicating this untoward effect of hate speech laws on the legitimacy of antidiscrimination measures, this Article explores more generally the relationship between free speech and political legitimacy, thereby explaining and supporting American free speech doctrine's exceptional antipathy to viewpoint-discriminatory laws of any variety.
We will look at political legitimacy and war theory.
Political legitimacy means that people, without coercion, give their consent to the manner in which they will be governed.
Only Parliament has the power to alter the rights of the people because the legislature has greater political legitimacy than the executive.
Gilley's The Right to Rule is an exploration into the concept of political legitimacy.
Unelected as Prime Minister by Tory members let alone the nation in a general election, May clearly intends to substitute with spin what she lacks in political legitimacy.