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After this, he became an apprentice to the painter Fra Filippo Lippi and later to Antonio del Pollaiuolo, both master artists of the early Renaissance in Florence.
His drawings after Andrea Mantegna and Antonio Pollaiuolo reflected his appreciation of Italian painting, which at its peak was guided by knowledge of geometry and proportion.
Durry-Lowes' Pollaiuolo David on a Shield, a Castagno now in the National Gallery in Washington, many ducal Canalettos, the Panshanger Raphaels; Mr.
Jerome," Margheritone's "Crucifixion with Saints," and Pollaiuolo's "Christ at the Column." What can be the motivation for this divergence of fact and fiction?
On display are drawings by da Vinci's teacher, Andrea Del Verrocchio, and his contemporaries, such as Antonia del Pollaiuolo and Lorenzo di Credi.
Other early profiles by Lippi, Paolo Uccello, and Antonio del Pollaiuolo are featured in the exhibition.
While still a journeyman, Durer began to copy prints by Mantegna and Pollaiuolo. Attracted to the classical ideas transmitted through these Italian Renaissance artists, Durer was the first northern artist to travel to Italy with the express purpose of studying Italian art and theories at the source.
Verrocchio's principal competition was Antonio Pollaiuolo's workshop, works of which were famed for their naturalism, a trait that was growing popular in Florence of the later 1460s.
The large painting by the Pollaiuolo brothers in the National Gallery is a particularly well known example.