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Inflammation of several joints simultaneously.



simultaneous or successive inflammation of several joints. It may appear independently as infectious nonspecific (rheumatoid) polyarthritis, or it may be caused by such diseases as rheumatism, sepsis, and gout. Symptoms are pain in the joints, local swelling, and hyperemia of the skin; stiffness and deformation of the joints may occur. Polyarthritis is treated with antibiotics, antihistamines, immunodepressants, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory agents. Physiotherapy is also recommended.


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Thus differentiating HCV related polyarthritis and recent-onset concurrent RA, in which articular damage and deformities have not yet occurred is clinically difficult and in some cases is a diagnostic challenge.
However, IL-17A was not detected in only one child with RF positive polyarthritis.
According to previous reports; severe erosive polyarthritis and join disease occur in RA; however, non-erosive joint involvement was seen in SLE.
are the causative agents of erysipeloid (a skin disease in humans) as well as swine erysipelas (a disease that can cause acute symptoms such as septicemia, lead to chronic syndromes like polyarthritis and endocarditis in pigs, and give rise to a wide spectrum of diseases in other animals such as birds, some fish, sheep, and other mammals).
New Delhi [India], June 26 ( ANI ): Chikungunya, the bone breaking fever, being one of the reasons for polyarthritis , may become a rampant disorder.
Therefore, we investigated travelers returning to Germany from Australia with epidemic polyarthritis resulting from RRV infection.
Dogs with chronic cases may develop persistent polyarthritis and acute progressive renal failure.
Q My mother's doctor told her she has polyarthritis.
PCR technology is widely used in the diagnoses of bacterial infection such as polyarthritis with axial involvement in a young female and for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Moroccan investigators for a study presented at the 2015 European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) meeting in Rome concluded that when osteoarticular sarcoidosis occurs, it most often takes the form of an inflammatory chronic polyarthritis (Ann Rheum Dis.