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Seeds were obtained by polycross blocks (one mother plant seeded into a plot with 25[m.sup.2] of the apomictic progenitor), germinated in a greenhouse, and later transplanted into the field.
Microsatellite (simple sequence repeat) marker-based paternity analysis of a seven-parent sugarcane polycross. Crop Sci.
Seed synthesis: The nutrition systems of the produced cross combinations were proliferated with asexual breeding and in 2010 polycross packaging was formed for seed synthesis of new systems with a polycross design using five-system triangle polycross technique.
CP 56-63 [39], whichwas thefemaleparent of a polycross that created CP 70-1133, was also a cultivar.
The utilization of polycross test information in building Orobanche tolerant faba bean synthesis pp.
This information will be used to select genetically diverse parents to set up a polycross for the production of seed for field testing.
Ten [F.sub.1] plants from the single cross were used to make a polycross block for [F.sub.2] seed production.
The genetic diversity of this "multiple-origin polycross" exceeds that of any bluebunch wheatgrass sold commercially in the United States today.
Finnish stands were represented by polycross progenies from two to eight trees each (76 half-sib families).
These 45 plants were planted to a polycross block in May 1995, arranged in a randomized complete block design with four replicates.
The 53 clones were planted in 1983 in a polycross nursery, and each clone was replicated 10-fold.
Jeswiet) was selected from progeny of a polycross made at Canal Point, FL, in November 1994 with 'CP 80-1743' (Deren et al., 1991) as the female parent.