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The condition of having supernumerary fingers or toes.



the presence of extra digits on the hand or foot. The most common congenital developmental anomaly, polydactyly includes such anomalies as doubling of the ungual phalanx or the presence of small digitiform cutaneous appendages. It occurs most commonly in the form of six digits, usually located on a single extremity; no more than 12 or 13 digits on one extremity have been observed. The extra digit is usually located on the inner or outer margin of the hand, and the majority of extra digits are underdeveloped. Polydactyly is corrected surgically.

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Polydactyly can present on the radial side (preaxial), ulnar side (postaxial) or involve non-border (central) digits.
This condition, called oligodactyly, Greek for "few fingers," is less common than polydactyly and cannot be repaired with surgery--though people with fewer fingers tend to lead normal lives.
Greig cephalopolysyndactyly syndrome (GCPS) is characterized by Polydactyly, macrocephaly, and hypertelorism.
A number of reports have detailed anomalies of the hands and feet, such as duplicated terminal phalanx of the thumb, triphalangeal thumb, preaxial polydactyly, syndactyly of the second and third digits, and fifth finger clinodactyly [Poznanski et al.
Jennings (1958) observed polydactyly in 1 of 4,670 bats (0.
Sex Delivery outcome m f Polydactyly 50 25 Talipes 12 12 Genurecurvatum 04 05 Achrondroplasia 06 00 Intra-uterine amputation 01 02 (amniotic bands) 02 Syndactyly 02 01 Craniovertebral anomaly 01 00 Amelia upper limbs 01 00 Osteogenesis imperfects 00 00 Hypoplastic femur 00 01 Hypoplastic mandible (severe) 00 01 Oxycephaly 00 01 N 79 48 rate per Delivery outcome 1000 births freq Polydactyly 10.
The impact of lmbr1 on chicken polydactyly was reported in several studies (Warren, 1944; Tickle, 1975; Tickle, 1981; Huang et al.
1) A challenge to that theory was provided by the results of a case series by McClay et al, who studied three generations of a family in which 5 of 8 members available for examination had polydactyly and some degree of cleft epiglottis,s As a result, the true etiology behind these anomalies is still unknown.
An unconfirmed case of polydactyly in Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) was reported from the San Francisco Bay Area, California (W.
It is now possible to test for gene mutations associated with some 400 conditions, from those universally viewed as severe, such as Tay Sachs, to those that many might describe as relatively minor, such as polydactyly (a trait involving an extra little finger).
J frequently volunteers overseas, performing procedures to correct cleft lip, cleft palate, scarring from burns and other sources, and polydactyly.