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In discussing polymodality and the creation of the work As I crossed a bridge of dreams (1975), she draws out elements from her own experiences as a female composer in a time and place when these contexts were being challenged and reshaped.
He was a pioneer of polytonality and polymodality from the early 1900s onwards, besides being a master contrapuntist whose idol was J.
As seen in Figure 2, the combined data set is not well described by parametric distributions, and there is a suggestion of polymodality.
We are currently witnessing the appearance of a whole range of new technologies and concepts: bicontinuity, hyper-branching, ceramers, structured particles, hybrids, hydrosols, interpenetrating networks, polymer blends, liquid crystals, nanopigments, nanocapsules, nanocomposites, nanotechnology in general, phase separation, polymodality, self-assembling, smart coatings, self-repairing coatings, etc.
There is also discussion on layering textures through the use of bichords, bitonality, and polymodality, often closely related to folk elements.