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(cell and molecular biology)



(or polysome), a protein-synthesizing complex in living cells; each complex is composed of one molecule of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) and a few or several ribosomes connected to the mRNA molecule.

Polyribosomes are formed by the successive addition of ribosomes to mRNA. As they pass along the mRNA one by one, the ribosomes “read out” the information contained in the mRNA; it means that each ribosome synthesizes one molecule of protein (polypeptide chain) according to the program recorded in the mRNA. Protein synthesis in the cell is effected primarily by polyribosomes rather than by individual ribosomes.

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Use of this gradient allowed for analysis of the "native" state of the polyribosome size structure and for the determination of the number of ribosomes attached to, and actively translating on, mRNA transcripts.
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Fragile-X mental retardation protein (FMRP) is a protein involved in ferrying RNA transcripts to polyribosomes located at sites of protein synthesis.
Common findings were dilated stacks of rough endoplasmic reticulum, polyribosomes, randomly distributed intermediate filaments, and rare collagen secretion granules (Fig 5).
Contents of DNA, polyribosomes, ribosomal RNA, protein and Chlorophyll.
The cytoplasm of endotheliocyte is also differed by extreme enlightenment; there are few polyribosomes in it.
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Perinuclear cistern is normally dilated abundant free ribosomes, rugose endoplasmic reticulum, polyribosomes and a few mitochondria can be observed in the small cytoplasm while microtubules are not.
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Laforin, defective in the progressive myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora type, is a dual-specificity phosphatase associated with polyribosomes.
Also, the other cellular alterations such as decreased protein content, increased ribonuclease activity, protein hydrolysis, hydrogen peroxide concentration and dissociation of polyribosomes are also known to occur in plants exposed to water stress [15,22].