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(or polycarbamide), a linear polymer that contains carbamide groups, —HN—CO—NH—, in the main chain of the macromolecule.

Polyureas are produced by the reaction of diamines with compounds of various classes (for example, diisocyanates, phosgene, and urea and its derivatives). An industrial method has been developed for the production of polyureas of the general formula [—(CH2)9NHCONH—]n from urea and 1,9-diamino nonane.

Polyureas are crystalline white substances with molecular weight 7,000–90,000, density 1.03–1.25 g/cm3 at 20°C, and melting point 245 °C. They are soluble in cresol, formic and sulfuric acids, dimethylformamide, and methylpyrrolidone and are characterized by high resistance to water (water absorption in 24 hr, 0.05–1.70 percent). Polyureas are similar to other polyamides in their strength and other mechanical properties (tensile strength, 66 meganewtons per sq m, or 660 kilograms-force per sq cm).

Polyureas are used to form fibers (produced in Japan under the trade name Urilon), which are used in the production of fishing nets and knitwear. They are also suitable for the production of tubes, rods, films, and lacquers.


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Instead of less durable coatings and traditional pool membranes, Fountain Place's ownership group and primary engineer selected an elastomeric polyurea basecoat and topcoat combination from VersaFlex, a global supplier of high-performance architectural coatings, liners and joint sealants.
UK-based Flowcrete has acquired Elmico, a high-tech maker of polyurea waterproofing systems as well as epoxy and polyurethane polymer flooring systems, based in Oslo, Norway.
In Klberfood NH1 74-401, the versatility of the innovative polyurea thickener was combined with the performance and high load carrying capacity of a synthetic base oil.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 1,700 lf 4" pavement marking, waterborne, white; 34,500 lf 4" pavement marking, waterborne, yellow; 25 lf 4" pavement marking, waterborne, cross hatching, yellow; 6,000 lf 4" pavement marking, polyurea, yellow; 1,050 lf 24" pavement marking, polyurea, stop bar; 4,000 lf 6" pavement marking, polyurea, crosswalk; see outside link.
One solution that is proving effective for wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation is advanced polyurea coatings and liners.
With nearly three decades of experience in the chemical industry and over 10 years of experience in the polyurea and related coatings industry, Costa holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and has worked to formulate and manufacture products in a variety of industries, including paints, coatings, ceramics, and nanotechnology.
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At the recent European Coatings Show in Nurnberg, Germany, Huntsman Polyurethanes revealed details of a new chemistry that it says makes it far easier to embed fire retardant properties in hot spray polyurea systems.
The company's ETHACURE product range is globally recognised for its effectiveness in curing polyurethanes, epoxies, and polyureas, and includes ETHACURE 90, the winner of the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry's 2011 Innovation Award and the Polyurea Development Association's 2011 Tom Davis Memorial Award, and ETHACURE 100, ETHACURE 300, and ETHACURE 420 products.
In the example, crossed bands of carbon, steel, aramid, or glass fibers are attached to the structure by a two-component epoxy resin, cement mortar, natural mortar, polyurethane, or polyurea resins.
The products range from raw foam to Polyurea hard coat with the following finishes: Smooth, Sand, Knock Down, Coral, Cast Stone, Wood Beams, & Pecky Cypress.