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, state and island (1991 est. pop. 52,000), 129 sq mi (334 sq km), W Pacific, in the E Caroline Islands. It is one of four states comprising the Federated States of Micronesia.
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Types.--Holotype male, Federated States of Micronesia, Caroline Islands, Ponape (= Pohnpei), E of Kolonia, 6[degrees]57'50"S, 158[degrees]12'30"E, 7 June 1973 J.A.
(5.) Direct suffixation of possessive pronouns to possessed nouns is exemplified in (i), taken from Mokilese (Micronesian subgroup, Oceanic: Mokil Atoll and Ponape) (Harrison 1976: 113).
A report on the potential for shellfish aquaculture in Palau Islands, Yap Islands, Guam, Truk, Ponape, Ellice islands, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, New Caledonia & French Polynesia.
Politically part of the Federated States of Micronesia (which also includes Ponape [PO-nah-pay] and Yap) and geographically part of the Caroline Islands, Truk is a legendary destination for divers.
"We know how important what we do is," said Mess Management Specialist 1st Class (SW) Wil Olter from Ponape, Micronesia.
Nauru Yaren Independent Republic Ponape Kolonia Federated States of Micronesia Truk Moen Federated States of Micronesia Population Area in Country (millions) Square Miles Currency Guam 0.2 21 U.S.
Compared with Trobriands (Mosko 1995) and also numerous Micronesian cases such as Truk, Yap, Ponape and the Marshall Islands (Hage and Harary 1996; Mosko 1998), the paternal/fraternal organisation of the Amis also played the role of fathers for the community as a whole.
Beatty in a series of collecting trips: Marshall Islands (1968, 3 mo; 1969, 3 mo); Palau (1973, 6 mo); Guam, Yap, Truk (= Chuuk), Ponape (= Pohnpei), Taiwan (1973, 1-2 wk each); Yap (1980, 6 mo); Marquesas, Tuamotu, Society, Cook and Fiji Islands (1987,2004, 6 mo total); Cook Islands (2002, 6 wk); and the Hawaiian Islands (1995, 1997, 1998, 3 mo).
These latter clans are associated with what Goodenough calls a 'cult of Achaw' or Kachaw/Kachau (Katau in Pohnpeian orthography), "and there is evidence to suggest that it was introduced there from Ponape, which may have served as a center of influence from which versions of this cult were carried to other parts of eastern Micronesia," including the Marshalls and possibly Kiribati.
Yap, Kusaie, and Ponape - are acknowledged in that western Pacific nation's flag with four stars on an ocean-blue field.
On marijuana in Fiji, see Ademkrah 1995; on Ponape, see Falgout 1984; for elsewhere in Micronesia, see Dobbin 1996; Durand 1995; Edman 1980; on Kosrae, see Sigrah 1981; on Guam, see Pinhey 1997a and b; Pinhey, Carpenter, Perez and Workman 2002; Workman, Pinhey, Perez and Tarturo 1999; on Hawaii, see Wesner 1997; on Samoans in California, see Young and Galea'I, 1995; on New Zealand, see Abel and Casswell 1998; McFerran 1973, 1997a and b; Wilkins and Casswell 2003; Yska 1990.