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A small natural body of standing fresh water filling a surface depression, usually smaller than a lake.
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an artificial reservoir dug to a depth of 3–5 m or created by the construction of dams in the valleys of small rivers or streams or in areas of gorges or gullies. A pond is usually no more than 1 sq km in area; it must have sufficiently steep banks, a slightly sloping bottom, and an erosion-resistant floor. If it is fed by the runoff of river or subsurface waters, the pond will only be filled in the spring by melting snow. Outlets are frequently installed to remove surplus water. In rural areas, ponds are built for irrigation, fish and waterfowl breeding, and the storage of water for various purposes. In cities and recreation areas, ponds are used for fishing, swimming, and other sports.

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"Maggie's nowhere about the pond, mother," said Tom; "she's gone away."
You may conceive the terrified search for Maggie, and the difficulty of convincing her mother that she was not in the pond. Mrs.
The first time I passed Mill Pond Bank, Herbert and I were pulling a pair of oars; and, both in going and returning, we saw the blind towards the east come down.
We've gone and lost your father's flat, Diana, and I have a presentiment that we'll not be allowed to row on the pond any more."
It is not mysterious, it is not even odd, that a jailbird should take his gun to Pilgrim's Pond. Our people aren't like the English, who will forgive a man for being rich if he throws away money on hospitals or horses.
"That's how the whole thing looks supposing this Rian made for Pilgrim's Pond to kill Todd.
Some of the others seemed to have gone to the lower windows or on to the steps, and were calling up to him that Falconroy had gone for a stroll down to the Pilgrim's Pond an hour before, and could not be traced since.
"I fear you don't read the Society papers properly," he said, and began to read out in a monotonous voice, "`Or locked in the jewelled bosoms of our city's gayest leaders; but there is talk of a pretty parody of the manners and customs of the other end of Society's scale.' There's been a big Slum Dinner up at Pilgrim's Pond tonight; and a man, one of the guests, disappeared.
Usher read the headlines, "Last-Trick's Strayed Revellers: Mirthful Incident near Pilgrim's Pond." The paragraph went on: "A laughable occurrence took place outside Wilkinson's Motor Garage last night.
About nine hippos and two cattle carcasses were removed from the pond.
Inspired by a Norfolk farmer, in 2014 PhD student Helen Greaves and Dr Carl Sayer from the Pond Restoration Research Group, part of UCL Geography, initiated a Norfolk Ponds Project (NPP) with the aim of restoring farmland ponds in the county.