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A non-strict polymorphic, functional language by Jon Fairbairn <jf@cl.cam.ac.uk>.

Ponder's type system is unusual. It is more powerful than the Hindley-Milner type system used by ML and Miranda and extended by Haskell. Ponder adds extra recursive 'mu' types to those of Girard's System F, allowing more general recursion. Surprisingly, the type system and type inference algorithm are still not completely understood.

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In our example, it is true that the man in the street does not possess compelling evidence (as the man in the station perhaps does), but he certainly has some evidence which allows him to do his ponderation. Otherwise, we would not consider him issuing a prediction.
En cas de conflit entre l'exercice de l'autonomie judiciaire autochtone et un droit fondamental, la Cour se prete a un exercice de ponderation tenant compte des circonstances particulieres de chaque cas (291).
Is a GETAWAY descriptor (GEometry, Topology, and Atom-Weights AssemblY), that combines the tridimensional molecular geometry (provided by molecular influence matrix H) with the chemical information, using different schemes of atomic ponderation (mass, polarizability, electronegativity) [26].
** = le coefficient alpha de Cronbach n'a pas ete calcule vu l'absence d'une ponderation appropriee.
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Une fonction du type gaussienne a ete utilisee pour definir la ponderation dans le modele GWR avec une zone d'influence (bandwidth) relative a un nombre de voisins (adaptive).
In that case, the meaning of the relationship status "it's complicated" will depend on the life experience of the judge and the ponderation necessary to resolve the case.
ou [[??].sub.a] et [[??].sub.b] sont les moyennes geometriques du revenu estime des deux groupes ; I est la matrice identite et D, une matrice diagonale de ponderation. L'ecart de revenu moyen geometrique est ainsi decompose en deux parties : (i) la partie attribuable a la difference d'attributs entre les deux groupes, et (ii) la partie attribuable a la difference des parametres des equations de revenu, autrement dit, la difference de rendement des attributs individuels, causee par la discrimination du marche du travail et d'autres facteurs inobservables.