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(pôntēä`näk), city (1990 pop. 398,357), capital of West Kalimantan prov., W Borneo, Indonesia, at the mouth of a small stream in the Kapuas delta near the west coast. The chief city of W Borneo and an important port, it serves an area producing rubber, palm oil, sugar, pepper, rice, tobacco, and gold. Industries include shipbuilding and the processing of the region's products. In the city are the Univ. of West Kalimantan and a private university.


(pop culture)

The pontianak was a type of vampire found in Malaysia, Java, and throughout much of Indonesia. In Malaysia it was paired with the langsuyar, another Malaysian vampire, with whom it shared a common origin. The Malaysian langsuyar was originally a woman who gave birth to a stillborn child. The pontianak was that stillborn child.

As a vampire, it appeared as a night owl. To keep a dead infant from becoming a vampire, it was treated in a manner similar to a woman who died in childbirth: needles were placed in the palms of the hands, eggs were placed under the arms, and beads were placed in the mouth.

In Java and throughout the rest of Indonesia, the langsuyar and pontianak changed places, and the pontianak referred to the female night flying vampire. Raymond Kennedy found the Javanese speaking of the pontianak as a banshee who wailed in the night breeze for the child she had lost at birth. Augusta De Wit, also in Java, found that the pontianak was thought to be the spirit of a dead virgin. She seduced young men but as they embraced, she revealed the hole in her back. She would break the embrace after a single kiss and pronounce a death sentence on the man. He would die soon afterward if he did not grab her long hair and succeed in loosening a single strand.

In Malaysia, the following charm might also be said:

O Pontianak the Stillborn May you be struck dead by the soil from the grave-mound.

Thus (we) cut the bamboo joints, the long and the short, To cook therein the liver of the Jin (Demon) Pontianak.

By the grace of “There is no God but God”

Of the several Malaysian vampire spirit beings, the pontianak was the only one seen as a jin or genie, a type of spirit in Islamic mythology. In the mid-1950s Catay-Keris Productions began to make a series of movies based upon the pontianak as the beautiful female of Indonesian lore. Abandoned for a generation in the 1970s, the Pontianak returned to popularity in the new century.


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a city on the island of Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. Capital of Western Kalimantan Province. Population, 217,600 (1971). Pontianak is a port and an important commercial and transportation center in the Kapuas River delta, not far from the sea. Rubber, copra, pepper, and other agricultural products are exported. Industries include primary processing of rubber and production of wood products. Pontianak also has a food and condiments industry and a shipyard.


a port in Indonesia, on W coast of Borneo almost exactly on the equator. Pop.: 464 534 (2000)
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With supporters made up of a mix of ethnicities--Bugis, Malay, Arab and others--he had established himself on the island of Pontianak at the strategic confluence of the Kapuas and Landak rivers.
At the site where Pontianak was established in 1771 there was found in the early nineteenth century a large Nandi bull, four feet long and so heavy that twelve "coolies" could hardly move it.
Despite the presence of former Crispa center Noli Banate, FCVBA's 60-years team fell to Pontianak of Indonesia and was relegated into a battle for third place.
Nankyung Choi's study of the life stories and career paths of politicians active in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, charts the broadening of post-Soeharto Indonesia's political class.
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The company will now commence an expansion that will see new properties in Jakarta and Bali, as well as debut properties in Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Bogor, Samarinda and Pontianak.
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Officially there are six Rumah Detensi centres and given that Indonesia still practices torture as a sanctioned form of political control, some of these centres such as Pontianak in Kalimantan have seen Hazara minors not only tortured but killed in a brutal fashion with electric shocks, cigarette burns and beatings.
The final section, "Imperialism, Hybridity, and Cross-Cultural Fertilization in Asia," locates the vampire well outside what is often considered its traditional haunts, exploring the intersections between the traditional Western vampire and related "undead forms" throughout the East, and paying attention to culturally specific and hybrid vampires like the goeng si and pontianak.
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The 18 power plants are the 20 -megawatt (MW) Tanjung Pinang Power Plant, the 14 MW Tanah Grogot Power Plant, the 14 MW Ketapang Power Plant, the 11 MW Pangkalan Bun Power Plant, the 12 MW Lampung Tengah Power Plant, the 12 MW Tanjung Balai Karimun Power Plant, the 12 MW Kalianda Power Plant, the 50 MW Pontianak Power Plant, the 200 MW Jenepono Power Plant, the 12 MW Gorontalo Power Plant, the 11 MW Tembilahan Power Plant, the 11 MW Rengat Power Plant, the 200 MW Kuala Tanjung Power Plant, the 20 Molo Tabu Power Plant, the 10 MW Manippi Power Plant, the 55 MW Kaltim Power Plant, the 200 MW Banjarsari Power Plant and the 225 MW Keban Agung Power Plant.
Indonesia's Aneka Kimia Raya (AKR) Corporindo would also distribute 56,500 kilolitres (335,328 barrels) of subsidised diesel oil in Lampung province, in south Sumatra and in the cities of Banjarmasin and Pontianak in Kalimantan, Borneo island.