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mountain system, N Turkey, extending c.700 mi (1,100 km) along the southern coast of the Black Sea. The Pontics generally increase in height from west to east, culminating in Kaçkar Daği (12,917 ft/3,937 m high) in the Rize Mts., NE Turkey. The Pontics, which generally lack porous rock, have been greatly dissected by the large amount of surface drainage. The Sakarya, Kizil Irmak, and the Yeşil Irmak are the largest rivers flowing through the Pontics. The northern slopes of the mountains receive an average annual precipitation of c.95 in. (241 cm) and have lush vegetation. The southern slopes are much drier. Population centers are located on fertile river plains. Coal, antimony, and copper are mined in the mountains.
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The SST is beginning to be considered as one type of partial extraction therapies (PET) [8], a concept derived from the root submergence technique (RST) initially proposed by Salama and coworkers for pontic site development [9].
The following are the ideal characteristics of a pontic:
In this paper, we deal with the integration of loan nouns in two Modern Greek dialects, Heptanesian and Pontic, in differently conditioned situations of linguistic contact.
Indentation of the underlying gingival tissue was a common response to all materials used for pontics. However, increased intracellular edema (hydropic degeneration) of the prickle cells, which is an indication of excessive pressure, was not noted.
This can be done really exact especially on the pontics because the internal material can be removed by offsetting it and the result is the same thickness of the wall all over the pontic that can be never achieved with manual wax modelling.
It has two bicuspid pontics suspended in between the cuspid and lateral, both of ceramco materials, are individual units.
Fixed partial dentures (FPDs) with pontics are commonly used to replace missing molars.
So the last alternative remaining is a fixed dental prosthesis where in the abutment teeth are adequately prepared before the extraction of the resorbed tooth and an immediate interim fixed dental prosthesis with ovate pontics can be inserted.
Prostheses were evaluated for number of units retainers pontics along with associated complications including de-cementation and unacceptable aesthetics.
While making the pre-operative impression, impression material can sometimes flow into undercuts in the mouth in the gingiva or in tuberosity areas, or under pontics of existing bridges in the patient's mouth.