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A programming language created by Robin Popplestone in 1975, originally for the PDP-11. Pop-11 is stack-oriented, extensible, and efficient like FORTH. It is also functional, dynamically typed, interactive, with garbage collection like LISP, and the syntax is block structured like Pascal.

["Programming in POP-11", J. Laventhol <jcl@deshaw.com>, Blackwell 1987].

AlphaPop is an implementation for the Macintosh from Computable Functions Inc. PopTalk and POPLOG from the University of Sussex are available for VAX/VMS and most workstations.

E-mail: Robin Popplestone <pop@cs.umass.edu>
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Topics include the history of the development of AI, informed and uninformed search, AI and games, knowledge representation, machine learning, evolutionary computation, neural networks, robotics and AI, intelligent agents, biologically inspired and hybrid models, and the languages of AI, including LISP, Scheme, POP-11 and Prolog, and each chapter includes summaries, references, resources and exercises.
The implementation language is Pop-11, a sophisticated extendable Lisp-like language with a Pascal-like syntax, in the Poplog environment.