Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini

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Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini:

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, 1405–64, pope (1458–64), an Italian named Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini (often in Latin, Aeneas Silvius), renamed Pienza after him, b. Corsigniano; successor of Calixtus III.
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In 1493, however, the map that Pope Pius II had given to Pienza three decades earlier was specifically identified as a Cosmographiam Ptolemei--a Ptolemaic map of the world.
Gridded with lines of latitude and longitude, the Ptolemaic map of the world ordered by Pope Pius II for Pienza in 1463 allowed the town's residents to visualize themselves spatially, no longer occupying an isolated position but now as part of a geographic whole.
of grist mill in the Orcia Valley provided for in the will of Pope Pius II.
In Siena, the ancestral home of the Piccolomini, Pope Pius II gave financial encouragement to his sister Caterina in the construction of the Palazzo della Papesse and to his nephews in the building of the Palazzo Todeschini Piccolomini together with its piazza and free-standing Piccolomini family loggia.
Nevertheless, despite, their preference for the urbanity of Siena, the Piccolomini (even, if often, in absentia) remained the dominant force in Pienza up until the middle of the twentieth century and, in a sense, still are through the architectural legacy bequeathed his native town by Pope Pius II Piccolomini.
In late April 1459, extensive festivities were organized for Pope Pius II and members of his court on their way to the Congress of Mantua, and for members of the Italian nobility visiting Florence in connection with the Pope's passage.