Popkov, Viktor

Popkov, Viktor Efimovich


Born Mar. 9, 1932, in Moscow; died there Nov. 12, 1974. Soviet painter.

Popkov studied at the V. I. Surikov Moscow Art Institute from 1952 to 1958. His principal works deal with contemporary subjects; they include The Builders of Bratsk (1960–61, Tret’iakov Gallery, Moscow), Northern Song (1968, Tret’iakov Gallery, Moscow), The Bolotov Family (1968, Tret’iakov Gallery, Moscow), The Brigade at Rest (1965, Artists’ Union of the USSR, Moscow), and Father’s Greatcoat (1972). He was awarded the State Prize of the USSR for these paintings in 1975. Popkov is also known for The Two (1966, Tret’iakov Gallery, Moscow), Granny Anis’ia Was a Good Person (1973), and A. S. Pushkin (1974).

Popkov’s paintings are characterized by dramatic tension, the use of generalized social themes, and psychological insight into persons and situations. Distinguished by rigorous composition and vivid color, they reveal a tendency to reflect philosophically on life.


V. E. Popkov. Vystavka proizvedenii: Zhivopis’, grafika: Katalog. Moscow, 1976.
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