Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola

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Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola


(Movimento Popular de Libertaçāo de Angola, MPLA), a revolutionary democratic political party that has led the national liberation struggle of the people of Angola against Portuguese colonial rule. Founded in 1956 on the basis of Marxist groups and progressive organizations, the MPLA brings together peasants, workers, the progressive intelligentsia, and a part of the clergy. The party’s program, adopted in February 1960, advocates the complete abolishment of colonialism and the building of an independent and democratic Angola. According to its rules, the party is structured on the territorial principle and is founded on the principle of democratic centralism.

The MPLA directs various trade union, youth, and women’s organizations set up on its initiative. It maintains friendly relations with the CPSU and is recognized by the Organization of African Unity. The MPLA is officially represented in several African and European countries. Its press organ is the newspaper Vitória ou Morte.


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