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(Latin, from populus, “people”), an intellectual and political trend in the Roman Republic at the end of the second and beginning of the first century B.C. It reflected the interests of the plebeians, in particular their rural contingent, and was opposed to the optimates.

With rare exceptions, the leaders of the populares belonged to the nobilitas. The basic issues dividing the populares and the optimates were the agrarian question and democratization of the Roman state. The populares found their support in the popular assembly; the optimates, in the senate. The better known populares included the Gracchi, Lucius Appuleius Saturninus, and G. Glaucia. Gaius Marius and Julius Caesar made extensive use of the political vocabulary and methods of the populares.


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quod, quia iustum videbatur et populare erat, pauftim conversum est in adsiduam iurisdictionem: fntusque favor eorum factus est, ut paufim etiam praetorproprius crearetur, qui fideicommissis ius diceret, quem ideicommissarium appelfbant".
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PiU in la nella stessa lettera, infatti, Tasso non esitera a dichiararsi "cupido molto dell'aura populare, ne contento di scrivere a i pochissimi, quando ancora tra quelli fosse Platone" (Lettere poetiche 359).
(105) Neben Ubersetzungen verfasste er in den 1960er und 1970er Jahren zahlreiche populare Sachbucher--oft uber Sexualitat--, eine Handvoll eigener Romane, von denen einer fur den Pulitzer-Preis nominiert wurde, und eine Romanadaptation eines Hollywood-Thrillers.