Porcelain enamel

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porcelain enamel

[′pȯrs·lən i′nam·əl]

Porcelain enamel

A glassy metal oxide coating bonded to a metal panel at an extremely high temperature and baked onto steel panels for large architectural applications. It is a very durable material that is scratch resistant.

porcelain enamel, vitreous enamel

A substantially vitreous (glassy) inorganic metal oxide coating, bonded to metal by fusion at a temperature above 800°F (427°C); not a true porcelain.
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Just about the only drawback was rust, particularly when the porcelain enamel got chipped.
Speckled yellow will be added to the Paula Deen Signature porcelain enamel cookware line, which is now offered In 10 colors.
The cookware line will initially feature five groups--stainless steel with copper, porcelain non-stick, "inside/outside" nonstick, natural cast iron and porcelain enamel cast iron--and each will incorporate Deen's touch.
Ferro Corporation's Inorganic Specialties Group has launched two porcelain enamel coatings for numerous appliance and housewares applications and meets 2010 U.
In contrast to this form, the two peripheral lavatory blocks are rectangular in plan, with discrete enclosures, coated in porcelain enamel and placed beneath a single long-span Corten roof.
He is an art educator and artist that creates public art messages through acrylic paintings, prints, monumental porcelain enamel on steel outdoor sculpture and large scale drawings.
A related choice is enamel-coated cast iron, which sports a porcelain enamel glaze so it requires no on-going seasoning and cleans up easily.
The table top is porcelain enamel on steel and is available in four colors: white, brown, gray and marine blue.
Whether you choose stainless steel, porcelain enamel or heavy gauge you'll be surprised at the technology that goes into making a few pots.
In addition, the group of 25 investors who now own the company, which includes six of the company's officers 'at Little Rock, bought American Porcelain Enamel Co.
Le Creuset, a company known for its high-quality porcelain enamel cast iron cookware, has recently added a 1.