Porcelain enamel

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porcelain enamel

[′pȯrs·lən i′nam·əl]
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Porcelain enamel

A glassy metal oxide coating bonded to a metal panel at an extremely high temperature and baked onto steel panels for large architectural applications. It is a very durable material that is scratch resistant.
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porcelain enamel, vitreous enamel

A substantially vitreous (glassy) inorganic metal oxide coating, bonded to metal by fusion at a temperature above 800°F (427°C); not a true porcelain.
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Porcelain enamel coated steel is the traditional looking canner--the one you might remember Grandma using.
"Experimental investigation on corrosion resistance of porcelain enamel composite coating for regenerative air heater parts", 22nd Danubia--Adria Symposium on Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics, Monticelli Terme / Parma-Italy.
"We apply antibacterial porcelain enamel that is produced in high temperatures to the inside of a microwave.
The durable porcelain enamel hood turns the barbecue into a powerful roaster, ideal for bigger pieces of meat and poultry, with the built-in heat indicator keeping cooking even.
The new product range offers high quality porcelain enamel coated and cast iron grills and hot plates for longer life, quartz start ignition, powder coated steel carts, all built by BeefEater for 'Caveman' and backed by a one year warranty.
Other features include in-built lid thermometer, electronic ignition and porcelain enamel cooking grid.
The grate is coated with Real Ease[TM], a patented porcelain enamel hybrid non-stick coating from Ferro Corp.
The cookware line will initially feature five groups--stainless steel with copper, porcelain non-stick, "inside/outside" nonstick, natural cast iron and porcelain enamel cast iron--and each will incorporate Deen's touch.
Ferro Corporation's Inorganic Specialties Group has launched two porcelain enamel coatings for numerous appliance and housewares applications and meets 2010 U.S.
In contrast to this form, the two peripheral lavatory blocks are rectangular in plan, with discrete enclosures, coated in porcelain enamel and placed beneath a single long-span Corten roof.
He is an art educator and artist that creates public art messages through acrylic paintings, prints, monumental porcelain enamel on steel outdoor sculpture and large scale drawings.
A related choice is enamel-coated cast iron, which sports a porcelain enamel glaze so it requires no on-going seasoning and cleans up easily.