Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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Port Authority of New York and New Jersey,

self-sustaining public corporation established in 1921 by the states of New York and New Jersey to administer the activities of the New York–New Jersey port area, which has a waterfront of c.900 mi (1,450 km) lying in both states. In 1917 the governors of New York and New Jersey appointed a bistate commission to study the problem of coordinating port and harbor development for the two states as a whole in an attempt to resolve the many disputes between the states concerning such matters as boundaries, marine police jurisdiction, and freight rates. Out of this group's recommendations grew the idea for the authority, and in 1921 a compact was signed (the Port Compact) that defined a single Port District and provided for its administration by a Port Authority that was to coordinate terminal, transportation, and other facilities of commerce. Originally called the Port of New York Authority, the name was changed in 1972 to reflect the joint administration of the port.

The authority consists of 12 unsalaried commissioners, 6 appointed by the governor of each state. Since the commissioners constitute agents of the state, their instructions take the form of legislative mandates. The work of the commissioners, in addition to administration, includes development, construction, operation, and protection of the Port District. The authority finances its activities from income such as tolls and charges and by selling revenue bonds in the public market.

The authority has been so successful that it has set a pattern in administration. It has given to the inhabitants of the Port District a modern and efficient network of bridges, tunnels, and terminal facilities without adding to the burden of the New York or New Jersey taxpayers. Among its projects have been the refinancing of the Holland Tunnel and the construction of the George Washington Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, marine terminals in Newark and Elizabeth, and the Port Authority Trans-Hudson RR, known as PATH. The agency also administers numerous facilities, including the New York City airports and Newark International Airport, and built the former World Trade CenterWorld Trade Center,
former building complex in lower Manhattan, New York City, consisting of seven buildings and a shopping concourse on a 16-acre (6.5-hectare) site; it was destroyed by a terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.
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Although business in the New York and New Jersey harbors suffered during the 1970s and 80s from the overall decrease in U.S. exports and the loss of customers to competitors in the South and in Canada, by 1985 the volume of exports in containerized cargo began to rise steadily as a result of the authority's commitment to investing in new technology and its shift to a more agressive business and marketing policy that included improved relationships with the government and with shipping and manufacturing companies.


See J. W. Doig, Empire on the Hudson (2001).

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This project in Jamaica Bay is another example of our aggressive efforts to be good stewards of the Estuary's marsh islands, natural shorelines and bays that are integral to the Port of New York and New Jersey," said Rick Larrabee, Director, Port Department, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
Requests to receive the Port Authority ADA Transition Plan and comments in writing may be sent to the attention of Alberto Nieves, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, One World Trade Center, Mail Center, Suite 74 South, New York, New York 10048.
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The selection was made following more than two years of cooperation among the seven agencies -- the New Jersey Highway Authority (operator of the Garden State Parkway), New Jersey Turnpike Authority, New York State Thruway Authority, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, South Jersey Transportation Authority (operator of the Atlantic City Expressway) and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
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Attorney Chris Raleigh of Cozen O'Connor, who runs an active transportation practice in New Jersey and handles significant amounts of subrogation, inland marine and coverage work for the marine departments of insurers, said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, for example, would require DP World to show the same level of insurance coverage that was required of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.
The loan fund is possible because of $10 million the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRA) received from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, for commercial redevelopment in Newark.