Port Radium

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Port Radium,

mining village, N central Northwest Territories, Canada, on Great Bear Lake. The mines were discovered in 1930 and yielded deposits of pitchblende, from which much radium was produced. During World War II the mines were expropriated by the Canadian government when scientists found that these ores contained a rich store of uranium oxide, a source of atomic energy. They were exhausted and closed in 1960.
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Gaudet also developed local adult education programs, chaired a group that sought recommendations for injuries caused by the Port Radium Mine located nearby on Great Bear Lake, and created hockey training programs.
There is a moment in Burning Vision in which the Dene See-er, living as he does on the east side of Sahtu (now Port Radium on Great Bear Lake) in the Northwest Territories in the late 1880s, speaks the following words from offstage:
Clements uses the event of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, and the fact that the uranium used in that bomb was mined by Dene miners from Dene land, to suggest spiritual, political, and ethical synchronicity at three geographically and culturally distant locations: Hiroshima, Japan; New Mexico, United States; and Port Radium in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
Even geographical distances are made obsolete, so that while a uranium Miner in 1930s Port Radium asks into the darkness, "Hello?
Labine find high grade pitch stake in 1930 near Port Radium (39), the US government tests the first atomic bomb 16 July 1945 near Trinity, New Mexico (39), (5) the US government orders eight tons of uranium from the Canadian company at Port Radium in 1941 (65), and the first warfare atomic bomb is dropped 6 August 1945 on Hiroshima (118).
Petr Cizek co-wrote Somba Ke: The Money Place, a documentary about uranium mining at Port Radium, NWT.
The 10 former miners worked in Port Radium, a village in Canada's Northwest Territories which served as a base for mining uranium ore for 19 years beginning in 1943.