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portable GPS

A GPS-based unit that is designed for handheld operation or windshield/dashboard mounting in a vehicle. Portable GPS devices offer many of the navigation features of in-dash units and can run for several hours on battery before being plugged into the car's power outlet. However, because they are not connected internally to the vehicle's odometer, they can get off course if there is no line of sight when traveling in tunnels, in between tall buildings or on lower levels of bridges. See in-dash navigation, GPS augmentation system and GPS.

In the Car
This Magellan unit offers most of the navigation features of in-dash units, including text-to-speech playback of street names. Portable GPS screens range from 3" to 7".

Smartphone GPS
With the advent of smartphones, people can get directions at all times, and the navigation apps are as good as dedicated portable GPS units but not as comprehensive as factory in-dash models. See CarPlay and Android Auto.

Into the Wilderness
This Garmin GPS includes topographic maps for hikers and high-tech treasure hunters (see geocaching). It also supports the WAAS augmentation system for improved accuracy. (Image courtesy of Garmin Ltd., www.garmin.com)

Built for Runners
This Garmin sports watch provides greater accuracy than a pedometer and helps runners find their way home in unfamiliar territory. It also attaches to a heart monitor via a wireless connection. (Image courtesy of Garmin Ltd., www.garmin.com)
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TomTom, a Dutch company that produces navigation and mapping products, has launched its portable navigation device range.
Garmin International Incorporated, a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd, is providing a new integrated and portable navigation device for Mini vehicles.
TomTom announced today the launch of the TomTom VIA 1605 TM in the North America market featuring the largest screen ever offered on a TomTom portable navigation device.
A free lifetime* membership of the Basic level of service will be included with the purchase of any new START portable navigation device.
Cover glass is thin, lightweight glass material often used in the displays of portable electronic devices such as all-in-one (AIO) PCs, smartphones, tablets, and portable navigation devices.
In addition GPS satellite navigation Garmin is also a global manufacturer of in-car GPS systems, portable navigation devices, and handheld GPS units.
TomTom also designs and manufactures its own location-based products including portable navigation devices and fleet management solutions, as well as GPS-enabled sports watches.
Apart from smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs, other products like liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, digital still cameras, portable navigation devices, portable media players, portable game devices, automobiles, ebook readers, camcorders, digital photo frames and portable DVD players are also expected to see growth in penetration of touch-screen technology over the next three years.
20 May 2013 - Dutch portable navigation devices (PNDs) maker TomTom NV (AMS:TOM2) could draw investors' interest if it remains the last independent maker of digital maps that cover most of the globe, the Wall Street Journal said in its Heard on the Street column.
TomTom, the Dutch maker of vehicle navigation systems, on Tuesday published a 13 percent drop in first quarter sales and said it was diversifying its product line to counter a market now saturated with portable navigation devices.
The lucky winners will be awarded attractive prizes like Portable Navigation Devices and SoundDock?
In-car location and navigation products and services provider TomTom (AEX:TOM2) announced on Thursday that it is enabling all of its 60m portable navigation devices to receive free daily map changes via the TomTom Map Share community.

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