Portable Stage

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Stage, Portable


an easily transportable platform made of wooden panels and boards set up outdoors and used for the performances of wandering folk actors in various countries. Portable stages were used by mimes in ancient Greece and Rome, Italian commedia dell’arte players, and performers of farce in Western Europe. The term “portable stage” is also used to refer to other types of stages, such as theatrical and variety concert stages.

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Thanks to a portable stage and scripts based on actual HR issues, followed by facilitated employee discussions of the issues involved, Taboo Topix seeks to create issue (and possible solutions) awareness among employees.
If that did not reach the masses, there was the "Opera Camion" project, a truck that carried a stage into Palermo's poorest neighbourhoods, with the orchestra "pit" in the street in front, and a full production of "The Barber of Seville" on the portable stage, for free.
The method to the madness required setting up their own homemade portable stage in the parking lots and near entry lines to such clubs and festivals as the Warped Tour and Mayhem Festival.
The White Lion in Cross Church Street (now the Revolution) was a major venue: Dave Haigh, singer and songwriter with The Guests, built a portable stage for the place that was used for years.
On the instrument side, we have the family of pipe organs, pipe-less electronic, chord and portable stage organs.
On a portable stage on the sands, opposite what is now the Pavilion Cinema, Billy and his troupe would put on three shows a day for the thousands of holidaymakers who 'ocked to Redcar in those days.
Though ACT already has robust education progamming, Rebecca Struch, community producer for the Stage Coach program, says that the idea of a mobile pop-up stage sprang from "a desire for more and deeper engagement with families and adults, beyond just youth and education work." The program, she emphasizes, is more than just a physical platform for inclusive stagings of original work; it's also intended to involve ongoing collaboration with community partners to create new work for the portable stage and for other venues.
Praise is led from a small portable stage and each Sunday there is a short sermon by a guest preacher.
Dyster has, in the past, raised a raft of fees regarding golfers, picnic shelter rental, the city portable stage, canine licensing, building code violations and more.
She had her aunt buy as many shadow figures as she could find, and she built a red silk-draped, portable stage that I saw in the charming exhibit of Benton's shadow figure archive at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, in 2012.
A portable stage is being constructed for special events.

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