portable application

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portable application

(1) An application that can be converted from one computer environment to another. See software portability and port.

(2) An application that can be easily moved from one computer to another. With regards to Windows apps, such programs would not use the Registry. In a totally portable application, all related files would be stored in a single folder so it can be copied with one command or one drag and drop. The folder would likely have many subfolders, and they would all copy in the same transaction. See Registry and folder.

(3) An application stored on a USB flash drive that can run on a computer without leaving any trace of itself when the application is finished. It is designed to restore all changed settings when the program is closed. Non-U3 portable applications are typically dependent on a particular brand of USB drive. U3 applications require U3-enabled flash drives. See U3.
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The SOT-23 package saves board space and simplifies the design, making these devices ideal for battery-powered portable applications.
Its small size and light weight make it suited to portable applications using a laptop computer, or applications in desktop computers where I/O slots are scarce or non-existent and where several USB ports are available.
3-compliant, low power, high-performance, QuickPCI family with four new devices optimized for portable applications.
Micron is taking the lead in providing next-generation memory for portable applications," said Terry Lee, Executive Director of Advanced Technology and Strategic Marketing for Micron's Computing and Consumer Group.

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