portable media player

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portable media player

An umbrella term for a variety of handheld devices that play back audio, video or both. The device may also serve as a portable photo album for still images such as GIFs and JPEGs. The term "media player" without the "portable" typically refers to software (see media player), but may refer to the hardware devices mentioned here.

Flash Memory and Hard Disk (MP3 and MP4)
Audio-only MP3 players, which use flash memory (solid state) or hard disk for storage, are the most popular portable media devices. In addition to MP3, they typically support one or more other audio formats such as WMA and AAC. See digital music player.

An "MP4 player" or "video MP3 player" refers to a combination audio/video device such as the full-size iPod or a Portable Media Center device, which is bigger and has a larger screen. See iPod.

Optical Discs and Tape Cassettes
Although used less frequently, handheld DVD, CD and tape cassette players also fall into the portable media player category. See portable DVD player and direct media access.

The ARCHOS Multimedia Player
In 2009, ARCHOS introduced a line of Android-based tablets supporting high-resolution audio and video formats. See Android. (Image courtesy of ARCHOS, www.archos.com)
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The iLuv i1055 is a new portable multimedia player which links to your iPod to play videos and sounds on a bigger (7-inch) screen.
In recent years, the need for multi-functional portable information terminals has grown along with the advancement of a networked information society, and information terminals possessing two or more GPS functions, portable multimedia player functions, digital TV functions etc.
The Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) includes a 2.6" QVGA TFT LCD screen with 15:9 aspect ratio and a 2.0 megapixel CMOS camera with auto focus and panorama capability.
Portable players as they currently exist are expected to become increasingly obsolete, as products such as e-readers, portable MP3 players and portable multimedia players fall into disuse.
Indeed, volume sales of portable multimedia players are set to decline at a CAGR of 7% over the forecast period.
For many, the Shuffle represents the entry into Apples domain of portable multimedia players, although with the lack of a display, the Shuffle has always been a music player, unlike the Nano, Classic and Touch that handle photos and videos among other niceties.
Major product categories in the 2010 shipments include MP3 players, portable multimedia players (PMPs), digital cameras, palm-top game consoles etc.
"Today, screens are ubiquitous in our lives, appearing on computers at work and home, cell phones, portable multimedia players, GPS navigation systems and digital cameras," added Mr.
The companies said the cooperation will enable them to develop new mobile TV business opportunities related to mobile TV access around the world on Portable Multimedia Players (PMP) and Automotive digital set up boxes.
Targeting cell phones, portable multimedia players and portable navigation devices, this software-based approach to GPS will enable CEVA-X and MM2000 licensees to add GPS capability to their baseband and multimedia SoCs without any hardware modifications or increase in die size.
Its ultra-compact square footprint and low power consumption makes the motion-sensing device well suited for battery-powered portable applications such as mobile phones, portable multimedia players or remote controls.

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