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city (1990 pop. 29,563), Tulare co., S central Calif., on the Tule River; founded 1859 on the old Los Angeles–San Francisco stage route, inc. 1902. Olives, fruits, nuts, grain, sugar beets, nursery products, and cotton are grown, and cattle, hogs, and turkeys are raised. Manufactures include machinery and electrical equipment. Porterville is the headquarters for Sequoia National Forest.
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Early in his banking career, Holly was instrumental in starting the Porterville, California based bank in 1977, and maintained his role as the bank's CEO for nearly 38 years.
Main Street, Porterville, California, 93257, until 2:30 p.
When industry representatives and school personnel work together to design CTE curriculum, it helps the students "to understand the reason for learning," says Pamela Avila, nurse educator at Health Careers Academy at Porterville High School in Porterville, California.
Kicking off on March 2nd at the Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville, California, the 2013 National TournEvent of Champions will identify America's best slot tournament players while visiting 20 states and over 60 participating casinos.
Dr James, director of NutriMed Health Care Porterville, California, is the same doctor who arranged for Jacko to buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in 1986.
Porterville, California, bears some of the most public scars from the Vietnam War.
of Porterville, California, are state-of-the-art digital devices with only one moving part - the propeller.
People squint at books with titles like Tombstone Inscription of Monroe County, New York and The Seven Cemeteries of the Porterville, California, Cemetery District.
These properties are located in close proximity to our existing orchards in Porterville, California, which will make for efficient integration into our current operations.
Sierra View District Hospital is a 163-bed, full-service acute care facility located in Porterville, California.
a Porterville, California, manufacturer of meters, transmitters, and instrumentation for fluid measurement, to McCrometer, Inc.