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Porto Bello

(both: pôr'tōbĕl`ō), or

Puerto Bello

(pwār`tō bā`yō), town, central Panama, on the Caribbean Sea. The site, an excellent harbor, was visited by Columbus. The town was founded in 1597. A thriving colonial city, it was connected by a stone highway with Panama city; both ports were the points of transshipment for riches from the Spanish Pacific domains. Believed impregnable—Sir Francis Drake died of fever before he could capture it and was secretly buried in the bay—Portobelo was, nevertheless, sacked by English buccaneers (William Parker in 1601, Sir Henry Morgan in 1688, and Edward Vernon in 1739). With the building of the trans-Panama railroad (1848–55) and finally the digging of the Panama Canal, Portobelo declined.
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Place of delivery: Portobelo PORTOBELO DISTRICT TO DO THE WORK
In Portobelo, the team asked residents of the Caribbean coastal community what problems plague their town.
During the OAS-sponsored visit, representatives from Portobelo had the opportunity to see the successful experience in La Ligua and learn new strategies for incorporating the cultural heritage of their communities into the economic development of the municipality.
In the Church of San Felipe, built around 1814, we ogled the life-size statue of the Nazareno de Portobelo, better known as the Black Christ.
I make a brief stop at Portobelo - once a major hub for trading gold, now a likeable town, with a Unesco-listed ruined fortress and a forthcoming role in the Bond flick.
PAUL LEHMAN, 11192 Portobelo Drive, San Diego, CA 92124, USA; e-mail: lehman.
Portobelo is in the Caribbean province of Colon, two hours east of Panama City by car.
20 and March 14, American Canadian Caribbean Line's 92-passenger Mayan Prince will depart on seven cruises that include a sail through the Panama Canal, visits to the San Blas Islands, Cuna villages, Portobelo, Taboga and Contadora Island.
Visit Panama's historic Portobelo, snorkel in the San Blas Islands, and traverse the Panama Canal.
Contract awarded for Materials for supply of housing mojoramiento corregimiento district of puerto lindo portobelo up costa colon
To address this void, Renee Alexander Craft (an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a joint appointment in the Department of Communication Studies and Curriculum in Global Studies) examines an Afro-Latin Carnival performance tradition called "Congo" as it is enacted in the town of Portobelo, Panama--the nexus of trade in the Spanish colonial world.
Also available on The Moana is a 7-night Colo n, Panama, to Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, voyage visiting: Portobelo, Panama; Panama Canal evening transit; Panama City, Panama; Isla de Coiba, Panama; Golfito, Costa Rica; Quepos, Costa Rica; and Isla Tortuga/Curu Wildlife Reserve, departing December 19, 2015, with cruise fares from $4,145 per person.