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Eusebio was born in what is now Maputo, Mozambique, then part of Portuguese East Africa. Benfica poached him from a feeder club for their Lisbon rivals Sporting.
Ezard, Report on Economic Conditions in Portuguese East Africa (London: Department of Overseas Trade, 1938), 22; Clarence-Smith, Third Portuguese Empire, 159.
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As a consequence, in 1928 individual Protestant missionaries came together to form the Portuguese East Africa Evangelical Missionaries Association (PEAEMA).(14) The areas of cooperation of this first ecumenical organization included, for example, the "training of midwives, sharing of medical literature in the vernacular languages, exploring a common teaching basis in evangelism on issues such as lobola (bride price) and marriage, alcoholism, cooperation in training ministers and in bringing native leaders for regional meetings, establishing a joint Sunday school paper, organizing annual retreats for teachers, and the organization of combined religious education".(15) Wenger adds to this list the joint evangelistic missions in the Transvaal mining compounds of South Africa.(16)

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