Porz am Rhein

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Porz am Rhein

(pôrts äm rīn), city, North Rhine–Westphalia, W Germany, on the Rhine River; chartered 1951. Manufactures of this industrial city include glass and agricultural machinery.

Porz Am Rhein


a city in the Federal Republic of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia, on the Rhine River; a former suburb of Cologne. Population, 81,000 (1973). Porz has glass-and-ceramics and electrical-engineering industries. It also has enterprises that manufacture motors and chassis and that serve the aerospace industry. An experimental aeronautics and space exploration research center is in the city, as is the Institute of Theatrical Art of the University of Cologne.

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Vit les eues, vit les rivages, Sees lakes and rivers, Vit les champs, vit les praeries, Sees fields, sees meadows, Vit les porz, vit les pescheries, Sees harbors, sees water filled with fish, Vit sun pople multepleier, Sees how his people multiply, Vit les terres bien guaainier.
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Deutz went into full production with Tier 3 versions of its model 2013 diesel and moved its corporate headquarters out of the historic Muelheimer Strasse location to the Cologne suburb of Porz adjacent to its main engine plant.
Deutz AG moved its corporate headquarters at the end of 2006 to Porz, a suburb of Cologne, Germany, where the main engine factory and engineering were already located.