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The Co-op currently has 230 workers in Posey County and supports an additional 70 jobs through its statewide member network in the management, sales and delivery of diesel fuel and gasoline.
Two very contrasting versions of the county's past can be found in the rural backwater of Posey County, Indiana.
Further, the senior author has surveyed suitable habitat along the Illinois side of the lower Wabash River (bordering Posey County, Indiana) from White and Gallatin counties southward into Hardin County and has not located any H.
In Posey County, Bristol-Myers Squibb Worldwide Medicine Group's Mount Vernon facility is adding 95 new employees to its current 220 workforce as it adds a new product line.
POSEY COUNTY, INDIANA -- There will be a Gwaltney Family reunion beginning at 10 a.m.
The periodical cicada Brood XIX emerged during May and June 2011 in southernmost Posey County, bringing to five the number of established broods in Indiana.
Posey County's entry is a small-scale replica of the historic labyrinth in New Harmony.
We talk about Posey County melons, but in my youth, we ate White County ones.