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a city and administrative center of Poshekhon’e-Volodarsk Raion, Yaroslavl Oblast, RSFSR. It is a landing on the eastern shore of the Rybinsk Reservoir, at the point where the Sogozha, Soga, and Pertomka rivers flow into the reservoir. Poshekhon’e-Volodarsk is located 65 km north of the Rybinsk railroad station and 151 km northwest of Yaroslavl. Enterprises included a creamery, a fish processing plant, a flax mill, a lumber combine, a garment factory, and a poultry plant. Since the 18th century, Poshekhon’e-Volodarsk has produced handcrafted gold-embossed goods. There is an agricultural technicum and a people’s amateur theater in the city.

In 1777 the village of Pertoma became the city of Poshekhon’e, which since 1918 has been known as Poshekhon’e- Volodarsk, in memory of the revolutionary leader V. Volodarskii.

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