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the name of one or more Russian architects of the mid-16th century.

Postnik Iakovlev (dates of birth and death unknown) was a church and city planner in Pskov. He collaborated with I. Shiriai on the Kremlin’s southern walls and row of towers (1556–62), including the Spasskaia Tower, and on the Blagoveshchenskii Cathedral in Kazan (1562). The construction of Uspenskii Cathedral (1560) at Uspenskii Monastery in Sviiazhsk is also attributed to Postnik Iakovlev.

The builder who collaborated with Barma on Moscow’s Cathedral of Basil the Blessed, or Pokrovskii Cathedral on the Moat (1555–60), was also known as Postnik.

It has been conjectured that the two Postniks may be one and the same person and that the same may be true of Postnik and Barma.


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Legend has it that Ivan had blinded the architects, Barma and Postnik Yakovlev, so they could not recreate anything like it.
The story goes that in 1561 when architect Postnik Yakolev completed it, Ivan the Terrible had him blinded so he could never produce anything so magnificent again.
When he died in Moscow in either 1552 or 1557, Ivan - said to have blinded St Basil's Cathedral architect Postnik Yakovlev to stop him thinking of anything else so beautiful - acted as a pallbearer.