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Music a medley of popular tunes



an instrument piece comprised of popular melodies from an opera, operetta, or ballet or of melodies written by an individual composer or taken from folk songs, dances, marches, or motion pictures. Usually the melodies in a potpourri do not develop but simply follow one another. Between individual melodies short passages are introduced, which serve the purpose of modulation and thematic transition. Widespread since the 19th century, potpourris are written for various instrumental groups, most commonly for variety-stage orchestras and brass bands.

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Robin, 75, is trying to piece into chronological order the various fragments, the tin of pot-pourri, letters, exercise books; religious verses and sentiments, all in copperplate handwriting, of the Cooke family, who seem to have been joined by marriage or friendship to the Cadmans and the Millers.
'Pot-pourri with fragrant candles is a wonderful mood enhancer, especially with cinnamon and vanilla scents'
6 Scatter some fresh- scented Moods Easter Feeling pot-pourri, pounds 4, House of Fraser.
But none was allowed at the Choral Society's annual musical pot-pourri of secular seasonal lollipops, general liturgical music and, two weeks early, Christmas carols.
Flatley took off and stirred the pot-pourri of ancient folklore and came up with the Lord of the Dance.
Helen wins a signed liquid soap from Mel C AND a pot-pourri signed by Oscar-nominated actor Denzel Washington.
The best tablecloth was out and on it a pot-pourri, a plate of chocolate biscuits - untouched by the Queen - and tea in the best china.
Now it is the turn of James Macmillan, one of Britain's finest composers of the younger generation, and a rip-roaring musical "pot-pourri" it is.
Each set, left, contains a mini body lotion, eau de toilette, bath and shower gel, pot-pourri and either a pressure-point lotion or aroma oil.
Up for grabs next week: A luxury pot-pourri air freshener signed by Denzel Washington.
Its head was eventually hacked off by Elizabeth I's master glazier, who used it as a pot-pourri until he got tired of it.
How better to put all of that together than in Moonstruck, premiered in the late Nineties and offering a pot-pourri of shows that the company would like to have done - but as yet, haven't quite managed.