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Councillor Andy Boddington said: "Our town is riddled with potholes and a bumpy ride is quite normal.
In 2017/18, a total of 13,470 potholes were reported in East Ren, at a total depth of 539m, with PS480,939 spent on repairs.
'And some local dharu too!' 'Can you imagine what he would have done without these potholes?' asked the contractor.
Neil Cowper, Head of Highways at the council, said: "We were surprised to see the RAC Foundation coverage on potholes as we have a good track record on addressing road repairs in the city.
We meet all sorts of people, including pothole vigilantes, taking on the damage one dodgy road at a time, and council workers who are fighting a never-ending battle to keep everything safe.
"We do inspect all adopted roads and footpaths in County Durham for potholes and other defects at intervals determined by usage with the results helping us plan repairs.
A pothole in the road " According to the RAC data, around 1.7m potholes were reported across Britain between 2014-2017.
In Birmingham, there was an average of 8.60 potholes per kilometre.
But a troublesome pothole has resulted in a business boom for two garages situated close to a damaged road.