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Potomac Edison has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years to trim trees and complete projects designed to enhance service reliability, grid flexibility and modernization, and those efforts have benefitted customers.
Other local sponsors include: Atlantic Parking, Bethesda Magazine, Carroll & Nuttall, P.C., Corstone, Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International, Potomac Pizza, Potomac Village Deli, Precision Medicine Group, Sunny Shores Foundation, and US Acute Care Solutions.
Robert Heidenberg, president and CEO of New Jersey-based Heidenberg Properties, commented, "We believe that we are adding The Potomac Marketplace to the portfolio at the right time, as the trade area is poised to take advantage of catalysts for housing growth."
"By taking the other waste materials off of Potomac's shoulders, the expectation is that Potomac would be able to handle the recycling workload," Broglie said.
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In conjunction with the Potomac River crossing, USA FIBER revealed the sale of more than 24 miles of conduit to a Fortune 500 company.
Potomac Riverboat vessels and services are based in the colonial seaport of Alexandria, Virginia, eight miles south of Washington, DC.
The 10th Battle of the Potomac XC Championship results tie back to the first year of the state vs state race when there was just one Potomac XC Cup to hold for bragging rights.
The Virginia girls took back the Potomac XC Cup after a two-year reign by the Maryland girls.
After Danaher's acceptance of shares in the exchange offer, a subsidiary of NetScout will merge with and into Potomac Holding LLC, with Potomac Holding LLC surviving the merger and each Potomac Holding LLC common unit will automatically convert into the right to receive one share of NetScout common stock.
"We are excited to welcome Samantha to First Potomac's executive team," said Douglas J.