Potseluevskii, Aleksandr Petrovich

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Potseluevskii, Aleksandr Petrovich


Born May 26, 1894, in the village of Bukmuiža, now Ezernieki, Krā slava Raion, Latvian SSR; died Oct. 6, 1948, in Ashkhabad. Soviet Turkic scholar. Honored Scientist of the Turkmen SSR (1943).

Potseluevskii graduated from the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages in 1918. He became a professor at the Ashkhabad Pedagogical Institute in 1933. He created the Soviet school of Turkmenian studies and was the first to provide a scientific description of the Turkoman language. Potseluevskii’s principal works dealt with the grammar of the Turkic languages (for example, Problems of Stage-Comparative Grammar of Turkic Languages, 1946; and On the Problem of the Origin of the Present-Tense Form in the Southwestern Group of Turkic Languages, 1948) and Turkmenian folklore and literature. He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and a medal.


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