Poultry House

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Poultry House


a building for housing poultry. There are different types of poultry houses, which are grouped according to the species and age of the poultry to be housed, their intended economic use, and the system of maintenance. Brooder houses, batteries, and acclimators are used for raising chicks. Adult chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese of breeding and commercial flocks are kept in special poultry houses in cages or on the floor. Most poultry houses have a single story. Experimental four- to six-story buildings have been constructed for layers (housing 120,000–150,000 hens) and for broilers (housing 80,000).

Poultry houses have water-supply lines, a system for the disposal of droppings, and central-heating and ventilating systems. Their equipment is industrially manufactured to ensure optimal mechanization of production processes.

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poultry house

A place for housing fowl; once considered essential on most rural houses, farms, or estates before refrigerators because this provided a source of fresh eggs and freshly killed meat; also See dovecote.
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Besides, the mean nighttime outdoor temperature being lower than that inside the poultry house may contribute to lowering the indoor temperature, especially in the region near the air inlet.
A tour around the farm reveals how Owitch has taken his investment seriously with the poultry house partitioned into five rooms and each has a CCTV camera mounted at the corner of the roof.
Air N[H.sub.3] levels compared to the threshold value for poultry Taking animal performance and health aspects into consideration, it has been recommended [24] that, N[H.sub.3] level of a poultry house should not exceed 25 ppm.
"A friend of ours took the photos of poultry houses and sent them to us.
Research will focus on investigating methods to improve the gelatin bead formulation and the possibility of developing a vaccine delivery device that can be used in commercial poultry houses.
The percentages of resistant Enterococcus faecalis and resistant Enterococcus faecium were significantly lower (p < 0.05) among isolates from newly organic versus conventional poultry houses for two (erythromycin and tylosin) and five (ciprofloxacin, gentamicin, nitrofurantoin, penicillin, and tetracycline) antimicrobials, respectively.
The RH and temperature of the air outside the poultry house were obtained using independent systems (Hobo H8-032) with an accuracy of [+ or -] 0.7 at 21[degrees]C.
Holt has shown that flies in poultry houses are not only a nuisance, but also a threat to the safety of poultry products.
Control movement of people into the farm as the oocysts can be carried by shoes and cars' wheels.Secure the poultry house to prevent entry of other wild birds into the house.
The Office of the President (OP) has handed over 50 layer chickens, a poultry house and an incubator to Ms Mmadomi Olopeng's family in Mahalapye.