Powder-Actuated Tool

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Powder-Actuated Tool


a tool or device powered by a powder charge. Such tools are used for various assembly and fitting operations. They are used to drive fastenings, such as studs, into concrete, brick, metal, and other structural members so that electrical, plumbing, and other fixtures can be attached. They are also used for punching holes in sheet metal and items made from rolled sections, for sawing, cutting, and crimping metal sections and cables, for riveting and tightening threaded connections, and for the press fitting of parts.

The most widely used powder-actuated tools are stud drivers used in civil engineering. These have a single or multiple charge that varies, depending on the operation; this charge, as a rule, controls the strength of the impact. Devices powered by powder charges are usually operated by the blow of a hammer; all powder-actuated tools are equipped with a special blocking device that prevents accidental spontaneous firing.

Powder-actuated tools offer numerous advantages. They operate independently of power sources, substantially increase labor productivity by their rapid action, and provide convenient handling and simple maintenance.

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saws), hydraulic power tools (jacks), and powder-actuated tools (nail guns).
I've found the fastest way to attach bottom plates to a slab is with a powder-actuated tool (PAT).
Powder-actuated tools, nail guns are widely used in construction to fix materials to hard surfaces.
During an Annual Ground Safety Inspection, inspectors discovered some improperly stored HILTI Safety Boosters, which are .27 caliber blank cartridges for powder-actuated fastening tools.
Hearing loss from loud tools and equipment is permanent, so protect your ears when working with or near powder-actuated fasteners, circular saws, pneumatic nailers, compressors, generators, and gas-powered tools--especially in confined areas.
Based on Hilti's DX powder-actuated fastening principle, X-BT is made of A4/AISI 316 high-grade stainless steel for long life and has a durable sealing washer.
Mounting hole sizes include standard 1/4" and 3/16" for powder-actuated tools, and 3/8" and 10 mm for threaded rod or bolt.--ERICO
Screw fasteners and adhesives have a long history of good wind performance, and new mechanical fasteners, such as powder-actuated systems, can help cut installation times.
I recommend buying a powder-actuated fastener system for attaching plates and other framing materials to concrete floors and walls.
Tubes are not too heavy to handle, and it's easy to attach 1-by blocking with powder-actuated fasteners.
Phil fastens his walls to the floor with construction adhesive and a powder-actuated tool (PAT).
If you have a dozen or more permanent connections to make, save time and money by using powder-actuated tools (PATs); see Photo 2.