Powell, John

Powell, John,

1882–1963, American pianist and composer, b. Richmond, Va., grad. Univ. of Virginian, 1901. In Vienna he studied piano and composition and in 1908 made his debut as a pianist in Berlin. His compositions employ much material from folk song. His outstanding works are Rhapsodie nègre (1919); the Virginia country dances Natchez on the Hill (1932); a folk carol, The Babe of Bethlehem (1934); his Symphony in A (1937); a symphony on Virginian folk themes (1945); and concertos, songs, and chamber music.
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The quartet - made up of Dave Hill, Don Powell, John Berry and Russell Keefe - will perform at Birmingham's O2 Institute as part of The Rockin' Home for Christmas tour.
Council members Corey Dixon, Tish Powell, John Steffen, Baldemar Lopez and Carol Rauschenberger voted "yes," while Rose Martinez, Terry Gavin and Mayor David Kaptain voted "no." Councilman Toby Shaw, who was out of town, told the Daily Herald that he opposes the RV measure.
Richard Hughes, Eve Johnson Houghton, Amanda Perrett, Archie Watson, Brendan Powell, John Best and Jim Boyle, as well as Newmarket trainers William Haggas, Amy Murphy and Luca Cumani, have sent horses to the barrier trials this year, with 56 horses taking part on one trial day.
Washington, Apr.17 ( ANI ): Jeremy Renner has been chosen to narrate History's series of the World Wars at a three-night, six-hour event that will feature interviews with Colin Powell, John Major, John McCain and more.
The authors blame Lewis Powell, John Roberts, and the Robber Baron Court.
Ohio State researchers involved in this study are Zhen Guan, Brenda Reader, Todd Shawler, Shweta Mandrekar-Colucci, Kun Huang, Zachary Weil, Anna Bratasz, Jonathan Wells, Nicole Powell, John Sheridan and Caroline Whitacre.
Chester District FA Challenge Cup Round two action saw Deva Athletic beat Boughton 7-2 with Liam Bradford scoring two and singles from Dec Jarred, Gary Powell, John Jones, Dave Fadl and Peter Brown.
An amusing Two Ronnies G&S Parody was presented by Ian Askew and Adrian Davies-Ratcliffe, and there were impressive solo contributions from Ben Powell, John Ramsay, Mac Hammond, Ann Simpson, Karen Lyon, Mel Boland, Emma Jones, Bryan Till, Steve Parish, Ethan Cruxton, Brian Hirst and Michael Taylor.
Pee-wee Herman Paul Reubens Mailman Mike John Moody Sergio Jesse Garcia Cowboy Curtis Phil LaMarr Miss Yvonne Lynne Marie Stewart With: Drew Powell, John Paragon, Lance Roberts, Josh Meyers.
Five previous winners - Tony Powell, John Aspinall, Brian Starkey, Paul Marshall and David Jenkinson - were in the field but not one of them reached the last four.
"Marcus Hammond, Michael Natynczyk, Donald Campbell, Christopher Powell, John Warmsley and Ray Moore, working as a team, entered the dangerous and unstable debris of the collapsed bridge, crawling on hands and knees to look for and rescue trapped persons.