Power Shortage

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Power Shortage


a condition that occurs in an electric power system when the total real or reactive power of the power plants in the system is insufficient to supply all consumers with electric power of the required quality.

A shortage of real power can result in a lowering of frequency throughout the power system and can ultimately lead to a breakdown condition. The breakdown condition can be prevented by connecting additional (spare) generators to the system or by disconnecting some of the consumers. A shortage of reactive power causes a voltage drop in the system. In extreme cases a so-called voltage avalanche can develop, resulting in emergency disconnection of all consumers. A voltage avalanche is best prevented by boosting or regulation of the excitation of the generators and synchronous compensators connected to the system, as well as by proper selection of the compensating equipment used in the system.


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Limiting the capacity would render the project inutile as it would not solve the province's power shortage, which the Duterte administration wanted to quickly address, Najito said.
Joy Najito, company's project liaison and licensing officer, said Cusi's action resolved the impasse over the allowed capacity for the new power project because the DOE Power Bureau wanted to limit Mindoro Harvest's 9.7-MW power plant capacity to 3 MW, a meager and ineffective capacity that renders the project inutile as this will reduce capacity and not solve the power shortage in Southern Mindoro.
Pakistan is facing a hard time regarding power shortage and with the passage of time it is becoming a serious issue for the people.
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directly responsible for power shortage and present load-shedding.
The timely materialisation of related policies and agreements that builds investors confidence and echoes Pakistan's firm commitment for clean energy will go a long way in addressing our power shortage issues.
The power shortage at Aughton Park means Merseyrail is only able to operate three-car trains instead of the usual six cars between Ormskirk and Liverpool.
As the power crisis is now no longer an issue for the summer season only, the problem exposes all the tall claims of the federal and provincial governments about eliminating the menace of power shortage. The situation on the ground shows that they have done nothing over the years.
The present government's tireless efforts to overcome electricity shortages are bearing fruit with gradual increase in power generation, and alternative sources of energy such as wind power that was also contributing to address power shortage, source said to Research Analyst-PAGE.
We forecast total electricity generation will grow 4.46% in 2016 as the government brings gas and coal capacity online to overcome chronic power shortages. Egypt expects to add 2,500-3,000MW of power generation capacity in 2016, in a bid to resolve the power shortage that has hampered the country's heavy industry in the last few years, Egypt has added 6,882MW of additional capacity to the grid since the beginning of 2015 and it is speeding up existing projects to boost power generation capacity, with the aim of avoiding disruption to factories.