Power Transformer

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power transformer

[′pau̇·ər tranz‚fȯr·mər]
An iron-core transformer having a primary winding that is connected to an alternating-current power line and one or more secondary windings that provide different alternating voltage values.
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Transformer, Power


a transformer that is used to transform AC power in power system networks, radio apparatus, and automatic systems. A power transformer operates with a constant effective voltage. The frequency of power-transformer current in most countries, including the USSR, is 50 hertz (Hz); in the USA and some other countries it is 60 Hz. Power transformers are the most common class of transformers. Transformers have been built (1975) for a power of 1300 megavolt-amperes and a voltage of 750 kilovolts. (For more detail, see.)

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power transformer

In an alternating current electrical system, a device for transforming the source of electrical supply from one voltage to another.
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The purpose of the five optional power transformers is to provide for the several pending wind power projects across Finland.
Considering that risks posed by shifting the loads to the adjoining power transformers, Meralco replaced the defective Tagaytay power transformer with another transformer pulled out from the Los Banos substation.
Voltamp Power Transformers has already supplied more than 100 Nos.
The value of the global power transformers market will rise by over 20% by 2020 thanks to a demand in a number of key markets including Saudi Arabia, a new report says.
GIC matrix for the power network consists of GIC values for every [ij.sup.th] closed circuit of their flow (tellurics--a grounding lead--a neutral--a power transformer grounded winding [T.sub.i]--a PTL wire - a power transformer grounded winding [T.sub.j]--a neutral - a grounding conductor--tellurics) and is written like:
They were caught inside the power transformer room while cutting the electric cable with the intent of stealing it.
The company's flagship power transformer factory, which was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of leading Saudi businessmen, diplomats from Belgium and India's businessman Gautam Thapar.
"When the trailer truck swerved near Oman Mining Company, the power transformer slipped and fell on the other side of the road," the expatriate said on condition of anonymity.
Harlow, an engineer who consults with the power industry, compiles 25 chapters for engineers who are familiar with the basic physics and applications, or have a working knowledge of power transformers, on electric power transformer engineering.
10 March 2011 - Indian rating agency CRISIL yesterday downgraded the ratings on the bank facilities of Universal Power Transformer Pvt Ltd to D/P5 from BB/"negative"/P4+.
ABB's power transformer portfolio includes transformers rated up to 1,000 kV, dry- and liquid-distribution transformers, as well as related services and components.
HYDERABAD: The residents of thickly populated downtown area of Hyderabad including Phuleli, Pacca Qillah and Paretabad finally got sigh of relief on Wednesday from six days long power outage and extensive load management as Hyderabad Electric Supply Company installed a new 40 MVA Power transformer.