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(Power Over Ethernet) Distributing power over an Ethernet network. Because the power and signal are on the same cable, PoE enables remote network devices such as ceiling-mounted access points, surveillance cameras and LED lighting to be installed far away from AC power sources. See PoE lighting and PoE switch.

A PoE switch creates a PoE network, which supports both PoE and regular non-Poe devices. With adapters, PoE devices can be added to an existing Ethernet network (see illustrations below). Using at least Cat 5 cable, electricity is transmitted over unused wires in eight-wire cables and over signal wires in four-wire cables. See Ethernet, LTPoE++, PoC and network camera.

Active vs. Passive PoE
Active PoE ports comply with IEEE standards and sense the power requirements of the target device. If older devices are not compliant, no current is delivered. In contrast, passive PoE switches send 24 volts without checking, forcing technicians to know the electrical requirements of the units they are installing.

IEEE     Max PowerClassTypeStandard (Watts)

 1 PoE         1   802.3af      15.4
 2 PoE         1   802.3af       4.0
 3 PoE         1   802.3af       7.0

 4 PoE+        2   802.3at      30.0

 5 PoE++/UPoE  3   802.3bt      45.0
 6 PoE++/UPoE  3   802.3bt      60.0

 7 4PPoE       4   803.3bt      75.0
 8 4PPoE       4   803.3bt      90.0

PoE Injectors Add PoE to a Line
A PoE access point or camera is easily added to a regular Ethernet network with an injector, also called an "adapter."

PoE Injectors Add PoE to a Line
A PoE access point or camera is easily added to a regular Ethernet network with an injector, also called an "adapter."
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The Power over Ethernet switch, which was announced in December 2004 and is shipping today, is an ideal Layer 2 switch for small-to-medium enterprise wiring closets that use LAN infrastructure for the deployment of network applications such as IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, network jacks, video surveillance, and remote video kiosks.
In a Power over Ethernet environment you need Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) to provide power and Powered Devices (PD) to receive power.
(NASDAQ: PDSN) designs, develops and supplies integrated circuits, modules and systems that enable the implementation of Power over Ethernet in local area networks, providing the capability to deliver and manage electrical power over data network cables.
Still, engineers should know how to include a classification circuit in PD designs because it will likely gain in importance as the Power over Ethernet standard changes to accommodate higher power.
Linear Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:LLTC), a supplier of high performance analog integrated circuits, has begun shipping in volume, its Power over Ethernet (PoE) Hot Swap controllers to customers building a new generation of network switches, hubs and routers.
is pleased to release four of their latest PoE (Power over Ethernet) IEEE 802.3(af/) industrial Ethernet switch: IPS-1080A, IPS-1080-24V, IPS-1042FX-24V and IPS-1042FA Series.
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN), a provider of DSP and analog technologies, on Friday (22 September) introduced a 26-watt Power over Ethernet (PoE) controller, the TPS2376-H controller, a power management integrated circuit.
The Coiltronics[R] Power over Ethernet PD configurable transformer from Cooper Electronic Technologies features a design that allows for multiple output variations and three power levels: 4W, 7W and 13W.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has been around in various forms for almost four years, and the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.3af Task Force has ratified the technology into the Ethernet standard.
Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc., has decided, based upon its initial review of the markets served by its recently acquired patent portfolio, to begin its licensing activities by implementing a licensing program relating to the various technologies contained in its patent covering the remote delivery of power over Ethernet cables.
PoE Ethernet Extenders provide a way to expand Ethernet data transmission up to 10,000 feet over copper wiring and provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to standards based PoE compliant devices.
PowerDsine Ltd (Nasdaq:PDSN), a provider of Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, has announced its new line of Power over Gigabit Ethernet Midspans, including the 24-port 6024G model, which will be the first to ship.