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What does it mean when you dream about a necktie?

A loose-fitting necktie around one’s neck can be a symbol of “tying up” loose ends in one’s business world. If however, the necktie is drawn too tightly, then a condition of entrapment may be causing the dreamer some anxiety. (See also Knot, Noose.)

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In my case, it had been those of the lady who held the door open for me, my briefcase, and my power tie. Only a co-worker would use the unguarded "employees-only" entrance, right?
Appearing before him, dreamlike, glowing in the dark, was the vision of a wizard, dressed in strange garb--suspenders, button-down shirt, Italian suit and power tie. "Who are you and why are your pockets stuffed with apples?" asked Johannes, rubbing his eyes in disbelief.
Wearing a crisp, well-tailored suit with a red power tie reads confident.
Classic Armani power tie; $135, available at Barneys New York, (310) 276-4400 or (212) 826 8900 6.
Bob Dole abandons his thirty-five years as a legislator, shreds his power tie and campaigns as an "American." President Clinton abandons one position after another--not out of conviction or conversion but only to bewilder the Republicans.
He laughs remembering their long hair and casual rock n roll look compared with the blue suits and power ties of the men they were pitching.
They feature year-round tans (even in New York), power ties, fine suits from Barneys, and (especially) a silken tongue.
It is at Milwaukee's eviction court, where the tenants are black women and the landlords' lawyers wear "pinstripe suits and power ties", that Desmond has an epiphany:
The titles or captions of some works openly catalogue the professional stature of their subjects, and symbols of wealth and position abound: power suits, power ties, strings of pearls, bourgeois coiffures.
Under the leadership of Malcolm Forbes, the colorful, effervescent spendthrift who was the son of the publication's founder, the magazine--the self-proclaimed Capitalist Tool--became an exponent of the Market Ideology that bloomed during the '80s, and was accepted as a Bible by the men in the power ties and the women in the suits with padded shoulders whose worldview has governed us since.