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A graphical user interface development tool from Powersoft for developing client-server database applications. It runs under MS-DOS(?) and Microsoft Windows. There are also versions for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, and Unix.

Applications can be built by creating windows, controls (such as listboxes and buttons), and menus within the PowerBuilder development environment. The language used to program PowerBuilder, PowerScript, is loosely based on BASIC.

PowerBuilder supports programming on many database backends including Sybase and Oracle. It also has added support for ODBC database drivers. PowerBuilder also comes with a built-in database backend (WATCOM SQL 32-bit relational database).

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Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder.

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A popular application development system from Sybase for Web, multitier and client/server development. It supports Java EE-branded application servers, such as Sybase EAServer, IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic, and DBMSs such as Sybase ASE, IBM DB2 and Oracle. PowerBuilder contains patented technology with its DataWindow capability and provides visual programming tools as well as a BASIC-like programming language called PowerScript. Included with PowerBuilder is InfoMaker, a report generation application.
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As PowerBuilder is tightly integrated with database layer and operations are mostly synchronous, so when migration to JAVA platform, a mechanism is auto-generated for handling not only synchronous calls but also asynchronous calls.
Sybase ships PowerBuilder with two selfcontained IDEs.
With the DataWindow now re-written in C#, PowerBuilder 12 also produces managed code and natively supports Microsoft WPF.
With Kalido, Shell invested around $20 million to cover research and development between 1997 and 2000 alone (even then, that only covered the task of porting the software from PowerBuilder to C++).
RAD is made possible by the object-oriented application development tools, such as PowerBuilder and PeopleTools, that we used in putting these systems together.
Among the reviewed products, we cite Microsoft's Visual InterDev, Visual Basic 5, and Access97, Oracle Developer 2000, Inprise IntraBuilder, Sybase's PowerBuilder, Apple's WebObjects, NetDynamic's Visual Studio, Asymetrix SuperCede Database Edition, and Allaire's Cold Fusion Application Wizards.
The ability to define and program objects, such as found in Sybase's Powerbuilder, adds an additional layer of capabilities and sophistication.
For those with unlimited IS resources and a very talented coding team, applications such as Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBuilder, C, and C++ are GUI development tool options.
One client-server application, for example, is designed so that patient treatment summaries will be keyed in by a central group of transcriptionists, using a new application Wagner's staff developed using PowerBuilder.
In the upper left corner of Figure 3, the PC client contains the application development tool PowerBuilder used to develop client applications.