PowerPC Platform

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PowerPC Platform

(architecture, standard)
(PPCP, PReP - PowerPC Reference Platform, formerly CHRP - Common Hardware Reference Platform) An open system standard, designed by IBM, intended to ensure compatibility among PowerPC-based systems built by different companies. The PReP standard specifies the PCI bus, but will also support ISA, MicroChannel and PCMCIA.

PReP-compliant systems will be able to run the Macintosh OS, OS/2, WorkplaceOS, AIX, Solaris, Taligent and Windows NT. IBM systems will (of course) be PReP-compliant. Apple's first PowerPC Macintoshes will not be compliant, but future ones may be.

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LynuxWorks' UML for BlueCat Linux on the PowerPC platform provides embedded developers the following benefits:
For example, customers could commission production versions of DeviceGate-E running on PowerPC platforms other than the Setrix platform.
LynxOS-178, the only time- and space-partitioned RTOS that has been awarded the F Reusable Software Component (RSC) certification and targets both the Intel x86 and PowerPC platforms, was quickly modified to enable over 340 APIs to satisfy the requirements within the newly approved FACE Technical Standards.
Red Hat EDK support x86 and PowerPC platforms and are available to order now at www.
It phased out support for NT on MIPS in October 1996 due to decreasing demand, and two months later IBM Corp abandoned its own plans to support NT on PowerPC platforms, prompting Microsoft to officially drop support for the PowerPC in February 1997.