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(1) (powered USB) A USB port on a computer that can charge a portable device even when the computer is turned off. See USB power and USB Power Delivery.

The Yellow USB
A yellow USB port is live for charging even when the computer is turned off. However, laptops typically must be plugged into a power outlet.

(2) (PoweredUSB) A high-power proprietary USB interface from IBM that provides 6 amps at 5, 12 and 24 volts. PoweredUSB was introduced in the late 1990s for peripherals that needed more than the 2.5 watts available from USB 2.0. See USB and USB Power Delivery.

Sockets on the Host Side
The power socket resides above the USB Type A socket, and the plug inserts into both cavities, which are keyed by voltage. The other end of the cable is typically attached permanently to the peripheral device.
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110 volt outlets and two powered USB ports per station.
It connects directly to a computer via a powered USB cable, eliminating the need for an AC adapter or power cables.
The latest range of Samsung netbooks and notebooks come with features like LED backlit displays in all models, lower power consumption, powered USB, Samsung utility software, Spill-Proof keyboards and SRS surround sound solutions in select models.
To help save the planet and minimize hazardous waste, try the eco-conscious rechargeable batteries from USBCELL, which can be charged from your laptop computer or any powered USB port (www.usbcell.com).
Other features include all mainstream video input ports, a four-port powered USB 2.0 hub and an advanced Picture-in-Picture display.
The LaZee Mouse Pro is reportedly compatible with any computer with an available powered USB port, running Microsoft Windows[TM] 2000, ME, or XP operating systems; MACs using OSX 10.2 and above; or most AAC devices with a standard USB interface.
The BFMP's powered USB connection eliminates the need for an external power supply.
Standard Microsystems Corporation has announced its USB97C223 bus powered USB 2.0 memory card controller.
It is equipped with three universal AC outlets and two powered USB ports (2.1 AMP combined), allowing users to charge two USB devices at the same time, without using a charger.
The lighters are rechargeable via any powered USB port and light up to 75 times before needing a charge.