Poznan Uprising of 1848

Poznań Uprising of 1848


a Polish national liberation revolt against Prussian domination in the Grand Duchy of Pozna ń that lasted from Mar. 20 to May 9, 1848.

The revolutionary events of 1848 in France and Germany stimulated mass antigovernment demonstrations in Poznań. The National Committee, formed on March 20, was dominated by conservatives and liberals. Armed peasants and townspeople attacked Prussian administrative offices and clashed with troops. Meanwhile, the National Committee, which would have been satisfied with autonomy for the duchy, entered into negotiations with the Prussian authorities, counting on concessions from them. At the demand of the Prussian general W. Willisen, the National Committee agreed to reduce the Polish detachments organized by L. Mieroslawski. After Prussian troops defeated the Polish detachment at Książ on April 29, Mierosławski unified the rebel detachments and won a battle near Milosław on April 30 and another one on May 2 near Sokołowo. However, these successes were not followed up owing to the treacherous policies of the gentry officers, who were alarmed by the scope of the revolutionary struggle. On May 9 the local nobility ceased to fight, and the uprising was crushed.


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