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The language used by COPS for specification of code generators.

["Metalanguages of the Compiler Production System COPS", J. Borowiec, in GI Fachgesprach "Compiler-Compiler", ed W. Henhapl, Tech Hochs Darmstadt 1978, pp. 122-159].
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a river in Riazan’ Oblast, RSFSR, a left tributary of the Oka. It is 167 km long and drains an area of 5,520 sq km. The Pra is fed primarily by snow. It has a mean flow rate of 25 cu m per sec and a maximum flow rate of approximately 600 cu m per sec. The river freezes at the end of November, and the ice breaks up in April. Timber is floated on the Pra. The Oka Preserve is located in the lower reaches.

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He disclosed that rules were being studied to deal with the matters relating to PRA staff and new recruitment and assured that such issues will be solved very soon.
Meanwhile, the Palace EO stated that pursuant to its mandate to integrate, direct and coordinate all reclamation projects for and on behalf of the national government, the PRA is also 'mandated to seek advisory opinions from relevant national government agencies on any proposed reclamation project.'
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The PRA is not aware of any study that directly correlates land subsidence in Metro Manila with the reclamation projects in Manila Bay.
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The pregnant mice of each group were randomly divided into two groups treated with normal saline (NS) (L-NAME + NS, LPS + NS, and Control + NS, n = 8) or Pra (Sigma-Aldrich) 5 mg*kg −1*d −1 (L-NAME + Pra, LPS + Pra, and Control + Pra, n = 8) from days 8-18 of gestation by intragastric administration.
Mr Woods said the PRA was analysing the responses on an individual basis, as well as collectively to assess any possible risks to the country's financial stability.
In a response to a letter from the new Treasury Select Committee chair Nicky Morgan, he said the PRA would likely have to make some tough decisions.
While collecting Rs 22.87 billion from Punjab sales tax on services during July-October period of the financial year 2016-17, Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has increased the number of taxable services from 12 in 2012-13 to 62 in 2016-17 and number of registered persons jumped from 10,239 persons during 2014-15 to 28,000 till November 2016, nearly tripling the size of the tax base.
The partnership operating model combines operational expertise, transferred from Takeda to PRA, with PRA's range of global capabilities.