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1. the office, position, or area of authority of a prefect
2. the official residence of a prefect in France, Italy, etc.
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(1) In Rome under the republic, a municipium (municipality) deprived by Rome of self-rule and placed under the supervision of a prefect. From the time of the emperor Constantine I at the beginning of the fourth century the term served to designate an administrative unit. The entire empire was divided into four prefectures—the East, Illyricum (Illyria), Italy, and Gaul—each of which was governed by a praetorian prefect.

(2) In Japan, the designation for the principal administrative and territorial units.

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Canto (1988: 183) de localizar en esta area una praefectura emeritense.
En segundo lugar, en el area en torno a la actual ciudad de Trujillo (Caceres) -identificada con la antigua Turgallium romanase localiza genericamente la praefectura regiones Turgalliensis (Wiegels, 1976: 267).
Alfred expands this passage and removes the unfamiliar praefectura substituting the, presumably, familiar figures of heretogan, domeras, madhmhirdas, and 'wisestan witan':
Agathocles regis lateri iunctus civitatem regebat, tribunatus et praefecturas et ducatus mulieres ordinabant.