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Hrad, Pražský


the historical nucleus of the city of Prague, the fortified residence of Czech rulers and archbishops. It was founded in the ninth century on the site of an ancient Slavic town. It is situated on a hill on the left bank of the Vltava River and consists of an intricate complex of buildings dating from the 11th to the 20th century, including three main courtyards. On the site of the Hrad are the remains of stone walls and towers dating from the 12th to the 15th century, the Romanesque Basilica of St. George (12th century; western facade, 18th century), and the Gothic cathedral of St. Vitus (built on the site of a tenth century rotunda-shaped church and of a Romanesque basilica of the 11th century). The choir of the cathedral was built in 1344–99 by the architects Matthias of Arras and Peter Parler; the western facade was completed in 1929. In the interior are the remains of mosaics and frescoes and busts of the 14th century and Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque chapels and tombs. Also within the Hrad is the royal palace (built from the 12th to the 16th century and enlarged in the 18th century) with its late Gothic Vladislav Hall (built at the end of the 15th century by the architect B. Rejt). The buildings of the Hrad contain rich historical and art collections and the residence of the president of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.


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The scenery is simply stunning and the best views can be seen from Charles Bridge where you can marvel at Prague Castle against a picturesque backdrop.
In a recent radio interview, Lenka Vesela, head of the department of historical bibliography at the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague and who is leading the project, said hundreds of valuable illustrated works and manuscripts were stolen from the Imperial Treasury at Prague Castle, the most famous being the Codex Gigas, which is now held at the National Library of Sweden.
Visitors may see Prague castle, a collection of six Slovak castles, such as Tren#269iansky and Oravskyacute, as well as churches in Slovakia, but also from other countries.Veteran cars, motorcycles, lorries, ships, and cosmic techniques are part of the exhibition, too, said Scarontefan Posinger, who prepared the fifth year of exhibition, as quoted by the TASR newswire.
Top sees for a fee Be transported back in time on a visit to Prague Castle. The complex styles, including Roman and Gothic.
A number of tram routes stop outside the hotel, including one that takes you to Prague Castle.
We learn that Prague castle was reconstructed in stone and that dendrochronology is important for dating the foundations of castles and towns.
The center of the one lasting manifestation of these three figuresAE shared ideals is the Prague Castle. The first part of the book consists of three biographical chapters introducing each of the principal characters: Masaryk, the first Czech president, Plecnik, the architect, and Alice, MasarykAEs daughter, the social worker.